Our Story

Soul [ sohl ] Emotional or intellectual energy or intensity, especially as revealed in a work of art or an artistic performance.

Souly Scented, LLC was created to provide a creative feel and aroma to your home and space. We strive to make our brand a feel good accessory and bring peace to our customers. We blend different oils that we hope our customers can't wait to light up!

I'm Preaundrea (Pre or Prea) and I'm the founder/chandler of Souly Scented, LLC. I am also a singer/songwriter, street/lifestyle photographer and non-profit administrator. Since I was a child, every aspect of my  life has been revolved around creativity. I have always used creative outlets to express myself and making candles is one of them. I started making candles in 2018. I became obsessed with buying them as I needed a way to relax while becoming a first time homeowner. Making candles blended my love of science and creation and thus, Souly Scented was born. I believe everything you do should be done with heart and Soul, thus the name of my brand.
All of our candles are always made with good intentions and positive energy. If I am not feeling well or not in the best of spirits, then I will not transfer that energy to your candles. I hope my brand and our fragrance blends inspires you to become your creative self while our aromas bring you that extra self luxury of self care you need.